BBS & Fire: classification + certificates

The adoption of the European Construction Products Directive opened the way for a unified Europe-wide approach to the assessment and classification of the fire performance of construction materials or the fire resistance of components. How it is applied will continue to be regulated nationally. Depending on the country, this can involve, for example, general building inspection certificates AbP (Germany), classification reports (Austria, EU), approvals for individual cases or general approvals by the building authorities.

binderholz has extensively researched the behaviour and properties of CLT BBS in the event of fire. The following have been tested at accredited test institutes in a targeted and systematic way:
1) BBS as a product: Fire behaviour, combustion rates
2) REI / EI 30, -60, -90 tests for BBS components (wall, ceiling, roof) including joint formation, connection details and installations
3) REI 30, 60, 90 tests for BBS components (wall, ceiling, roof ) with direct and indirect panelling with plasterboard fire protection boards

In order to make the results of this extensive research and development work available to designers, engineers, contractors and authorities in an immediately useful applicable way within the regulations, binderholz has arranged for the creation of comprehensive classification reports and general building inspection certificates (AbP).

A breakthrough in encapsulation has been achieved for Germany. To date, the different encapsulation criteria could only be achieved with direct cladding of the CLT BBS. Exterior wall coverings required for sound insulation or to facilitate installation and also suspended ceiling structures could not be taken into account in the encapsulation criterion. With immediate effect, binderholz is making available general building inspection certificates (AbP) to achieve the encapsulation criterion on exterior wall coverings and suspended ceiling constructions without additional direct cladding of the CLT BBS. This saves costs and reduces the component thickness whilst maintaining constant fire protection!

The fire safety assessments of the wall, ceiling and roof structures listed in the binderholz solid timber construction manual are based on the research and experimental results mentioned above. This makes design rapid and easy whilst also being compliant with regulations and standards.

Fire protecion, detail drawing

Fire protecion, test wall

Fire protecion, test ceiling

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