Air-borne sound insulation testing

Results are promising

We are constantly urged to further develop our products and also entire elements to overcome the lack of proven designs and design tools. For this reason, we recently had air-borne sound tests conducted in a number of external test laboratories. binderholz has also been involved in a research project spanning several years examining, calculating and forecasting secondary sound paths (edge sound transmission). The knowledge obtained from this research will enable sound insulation on site to be forecast more precisely than has been possible to date (compared with the comprehensive analysis of individual components in an acoustic test rig). The study is entitled “Vibroacoustics in the planning process of timber constructions – modelling, numerical simulation, validation.”

You will obtain all the test results in our revised Solid Wood Handbook, which is due to be published at the beginning of 2018. However, you can also access all our results online at

Ceiling test rig in the acoustic test laboratory

Arrangement of the measuring equipment for impact sound testing

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