A few facts and figures, binderholz Seminar Series

This year’s binderholz Seminar Series 2018 has come to an end and was once again a complete success! We were able to introduce solid wood construction to some 700 interested parties at a total of 10 locations in 6 different countries. The seminars dealt with urban densification, new build and roof conversions using binderholz CLT BBS.

Our binderholz team with a number of speakers held seminars at the following locations:

•    Salzburg | Austria
•    Hafnarfirði | Iceland
•    Hamburg | Germany
•    Regensburg | Germany
•    Dresden | Germany
•    Merano | Italy
•    Cologne | Germany
•    Frankfurt | Germany
•    Lisbon | Portugal
•    London | Great Britain

The speakers explained the various procedural and execution options using solid wood based on projects already completed. Urban densification caused by roof conversions in towns and cities, multi-storey solid wood construction, the precise creation of a wooden building structure, structural physics benefits and the development of optimum building solutions were discussed in detail. The Solid Wood Handbook 2.0 was also introduced to the attendees at the seminars.

Here are a few photos of the extraordinary seminar venues – from a football stadium in Frankfurt to a Ducal Hall dating back to 1220 and the Austrian Embassy in London. The attendees and also the speakers were visibly impressed.

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