Production and trade company, Pians | Austria

A production and trade company that had been designed in an ecologically and economically sustainable way, was opened recently in Pians in Tyrol. The building attracted a lot of attention even when it was still being built: This was down to the fact that, during the integrated, digital design process involving Building Information Modelling, ATP architects were able to implement a special wood construction - the world’s first binderholz CLT BBS ceiling with point supports


Project New production and trade company serving high-end restaurants and hotels
Location Pians, Austria
Completion April 2021
Client Markus Handl Beteiligung GmbH
Execution HTB Bau
Integral planning ATP architekten ingenieure
Material use 215 m³ binderholz CLT BBS

World’s largest cross-laminated timber panel in action

At the client's request, the natural raw material that is wood was to be visible and tangible throughout the office and catering area. To establish a smooth ceiling soffit with explosed wood, the sales and catering area, a 650 m² binderholz CLT BBS ceiling with a thickness of 24 cm was installed, which does without underlays and overlays and is only supported by 14 columns 24 x 24 cm in size. The connector required for the ceiling system in the area of this project’s supports has never before been used in the world. This was made possible by special bonding and an innovative connection system developed by the University of Innsbruck and Rothoblaas.

The TS3 technology developed by Timber Structures 3.0 was used to construct the uniform and flat ceiling made of cross-laminated timber panels. It employs a special grouting technique that enables the flexurally rigid connection of individual wooden panels and thus the spanning of a room with a large surface. In roof construction, timber thus represents a real alternative to reinforced concrete.

The cross-laminated timber flat ceiling is point supported. To connect the wooden supports to the cross laminated timber panel, a so-called "Spider Connector" developed by Rothoblaas in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck was used. This innovative connecting and reinforcing system transmits up to 5,000 kN of vertical force and makes it possible to place wooden supports at never before seen distances.

World of pleasure and production area visually separated

The new building is divided into two parts, both functionally and visually. The ground floor is home to the production department and warehouse. A "clean" silver-aluminium façade on the outside hints at the high hygiene requirements inside. The upper floor houses offices, meeting rooms, a canteen and the sales and catering area with a fully equipped kitchen. In the style of a traditional "Speckalm", the upper floor was given a vertically oriented, curtain-type wooden shell, combined with a glass façade in the sales area.

Just in time

For this large-scale project, the panel faces were pre-treated with the TS3 special primer and then immediately provided with sealing and segmentation baths at the binderholz site in Unternberg. The 3.5-m-wide panels, some of which weighed in at over five tonnes, were loaded "just in time" and driven directly to the construction site using escort vehicles.

Photos: © © Integrale Planung ATP architekten ingenieure
Video: © Integrale Planung ATP architekten ingenieure