Dance School Santner, Wels | Austria

With the dance school Santner moving into the historic horse-riding hall, the development of the entire “Dragoner-Höfe” quarter has been completed after 20 years. Where once horses and soldiers sojourned, people now work and live in an attractive environment. The former horse-riding hall was preserved in its original form but is undergoing a fundamental change of function while being converted into a dance school. A felicitous example of how modern timber construction can be incorporated into historic sites.


Project Dance School Santner
Location Wels, Austria  
Construction October 2018   
Architects Architekten Luger & Maul ZT GmbH
Client WAG Wohnungsanlagen GmbH
Woodwork Obermayr Holzkonstruktionen GmbH
Material use 1200 m² binderholz CLT BBS


“We have maintained the wood and steel construction of the roof and have indented a black ceiling as insulation, which can be easily dismantled if a different use is desired in 20 or 30 years,” says the architect Maximilian Luger.

In order to reach a consensus with the Monuments Office, the original filigree steel truss roof constructions were preserved behind the new, black insulated intermediate ceiling. White acoustic ceilings constitute the lower layer of the new ceiling construction.

At a safe distance from the historic walls, a wooden construction made of white glazed binderholz CLT BBS was installed. The slender dimensions ensure that the original, generous spatial effect remains noticeable. Glass panes inserted into the interspaces allow for views into and through the building and ensure that the new layout of the room docks easily and transparently when connecting the interior walls to the historic exterior walls to create a transition between old and new. The historic interior walls were preserved and were supplemented by new windows in the plinth zones.

The horse-riding hall thus remains a space for movement - but now, for people.

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Photos: © Walter Ebenhofer, © Obermayr Holzkonstruktionen